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Our People

As an Alaska Native corporation, Chugach is more than a family of companies. We have been tasked with an important purpose: to provide a pathway to success for contemporary Chugach people. Our corporation serves as a bridge from the traditions of the past to the opportunities of the future, and we strive to preserve our cultural ways while working for a vibrant future.

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Our Company

Our Company

A unique corporation, dedicated to serving our clients and our people.

Established in 1972 under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA), Chugach Alaska Corporation exists to serve the interests of the Alaska Native people of the Chugach region. We represent more than 2,500 Aleut, Eskimo and Indian shareholders, and we work to provide opportunities through responsible management of our lands, businesses and assets.

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Our Work

Chugach is a unique organization, capable of meeting the needs of government and private industries through a long-range program of thoughtful planning, thorough training and sound corporate practices. Our companies combine high-quality operations with state-of-the-art management services. Our history of exceptional value and stellar customer service has earned us recognition as a leader in our industries.

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