Chugach Government Services

Chugach Government Solutions

Chugach Alaska Corporation provides world-class services to our federal government clients. We have the expertise to meet the specialized needs of sites of all sizes and complexity, from educational centers and hospitals, to military bases and NASA facilities.  

We excel in four core areas: Facilities Management & Maintenance, Construction, Technical Services and Education Services.

Education Services

For more than 20 years Chugach has provided operations, training, management, and maintenance services for the U.S. Department of Labor Job Corps Program at the Alaska Job Corps Center in Palmer. The center is the first of its kind in Alaska, focusing on training Alaska youth. It provides full educational services for 250 Alaskans, including 24 single parents, in a residential setting. The center serves the largest geographic area with the most diverse population of any Job Corps center in the nation. It has been the second-highest-ranked Job Corps center of the 22 centers located across the western United States.

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Douglas Taylor


Specializing in providing engineering, design, management and construction services to government clients, Chugach Government Services (CGSI) prides itself on executing quality work in a timely, cost-effective manner. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Chugach Alaska Corporation, CGSI has at its disposal the resources and capabilities of the entire Chugach organization. Strong corporate management, sound financial backing and a solid management have characterized Chugach for more than 25 years.


Chugach Government Services, Inc., is a wholly owned subsidiary of Chugach Government Solutions, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of parent corporation Chugach Alaska Corporation.

Customer Base

DOE; NSA; NAVFAC; Department of Labor; U.S. Airforce; U.S. Army; Naval Surface Warfare Center; NASA; National Institute of Health.


Large business.


Education Services.

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