Defense Base Services

Chugach Government Solutions

Chugach Alaska Corporation provides world-class services to our federal government clients. We have the expertise to meet the specialized needs of sites of all sizes and complexity, from educational centers and hospitals, to military bases and NASA facilities.  

We excel in four core areas: Facilities Management & Maintenance, Construction, Technical Services and Education Services.

Facilities Management & Maintenance

With more than 20 years’ experience in providing superior facilities operations and maintenance and base operations support services, our comprehensive, project-wide management approach is designed to foster a high level of contract performance, unparalleled customer service, and a dynamic workforce that works safely and provides quality, cost-effective service.

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DBSI offers our Federal customers high caliber facilities engineering, operations and maintenance, and management performance in remote areas across the globe. DBSI has an in-depth understanding of operating in remote locations, this experience allows us to effectively manage operations through surge periods, mission growth, mission plat forming, and downrange exercises and grants us the ability to face challenges effectively meanwhile maintaining cost control and even cutting costs for the government. DBSI operates with both the agility of a small business and the resources of large corporation. DBSI specializes in remote island operations/services: airfield operations (NAVAIDS, weather/communications, inspections); fuel systems operations and maintenance; power generation; vehicle and heavy equipment maintenance; telecommunications; facilities engineering; operations maintenance and management; grounds maintenance; utility support services (power generation/distribution, waste water, fresh water); environmental support services; food and housing services; pest control; medical services; solid waste management; marine and port services; logistics support; maintenance, repair, alteration, and construction services/management.


Defense Base Services, Inc., is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chugach Government Solutions, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of parent corporation Chugach Alaska Corporation.

Customer Base

U.S Fish and Wildlife Services; Federal Aviation Administration.


Regional Alaska Native Corporation (ANC) subsidiary.


Facilities Engineering, Operations and Maintenance, and Management.

Year Established


Awards & Recognitions

DBSI was formally recognized for the planning and execution of the relocation of six wall-sized original paintings that formerly hung in a World War II-era theater on Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge (Midway). They were removed from the Midway Theater and moved to the Pacific Aviation Museum, Pearl Harbor, to prevent damage from water, termites, and deterioration due to age. DBSI received accolades from the Fish and Wildlife Service Refuge and Visitor Services Manager for the careful removal, crating, and handling of these murals depicting the historically important Battle of Midway. A quote from the Visitor Services Manager upon the arrival of the murals follows “After Shawn with DBSI/Chugach gracefully lifted and hauled the mural crate from ship to museum the public started to gather around taking photos giddy with excitement upon the new arrival package from Battle of Midway National Memorial. Someone came up to me and said he was stationed there in the late 50's early 60's. Cameras were flashing and when the top mural unfolded everyone was admiring what good shape the front of the mural was still in despite the termite ridden backing.”