John Kvasnikoff


Occupation: 1st Chief, Nanwalek IRA Council; and John Kvasnikoff Freight Hauling Services

Other current experience for past 5 years:
Director, English Bay Corporation
Director, Chugachmiut
Member, Headstart Policy Council, Chugachmiut
Secretary, Governance Board for Tullek Information Services, LLC, Chugachmiut   
Former Tribal Enrollment Coordinator, Nanwalek IRA Council

All periods of service as a CAC director:

All positions currently held with CAC and subsidiaries:
Member, Lands Committee
Secretary/Treasurer, Chugach World Services, Inc.
Trustee, CAC Settlement Trust, Board of Trustees
Secretary/Treasurer, Chugach Federal Solutions, Inc.
Secretary/Treasurer, Chugach Government Services, Inc.
Secretary/Treasurer, Chugach Industries, Inc.
Secretary/Treasurer, Chugach Management Services, Inc.
Secretary/Treasurer, Wolf Creek Federal Services, Inc.