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Need a resource to find Indian Health Services in the Lower 48?

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Are you an Alaskan Native or Chugach shareholder that lives in the lower 48? How do you find free health care through the Indian Health Services? The Southcentral Foundation has a program to help you find the health services you need.
Alaska Native Health Resource Advocate Program. Created in 1997, the Alaska Native Health Resource Advocate Program (ANHRAP) was developed to meet the information and referral needs of Alaska Native people in the continental United States.

ANHRAP assists Alaska Native people identifying, locating and connecting with appropriate and available health, social, educational, legal, employment, disability, treatment, housing and other related programs and/or services.

Outside of Alaska
Toll Free: (866) 575-6757
PO Box 2045
Milton, WA 98354-2045

Interviews are conducted over the telephone. Customer/owners residing in the Seattle-Tacoma area can request an appointment to meet with ANHRAP staff at a designated location.